Vogel Endurance

I know first hand how challenging it can be managing training with a busy life. We all have careers, we all have families, and we all have lives outside of endurance sports. My goal is to work with athletes to custom build training plans that fit your lifestyles. A consult and introductory paperwork will be used to assess your current fitness level, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. A customized training plan will then be implemented through the Training Peaks platform. Your fitness gains and metrics will be tracked throughout your training and adjusted to ensure you stay healthy and full prepared for race day!Training for a marathon, or an IRONMAN is hard enough. Let me help you build the body, the skill and the mindset to get you to your next finish line successfully!


Are you looking to knock off your first 5k? Ready for that half marathon? Planning to go the distance for a full marathon? Are you an experienced runner looking to get faster and stronger? Let's get you a plan to see you succeed!


Are you ready to increase those watts on the bike? Are you looking to build endurance to increase that mileage? I can get you the tools to get you to your goals.


New to the water? There is no need to fear that swim! With our custom training plans we can mold you into the swimmer you need to be to compete. Experienced swimmer? Stroke analysis available to help you improve your pace!


Swim, Bike, and Run, tackle all 3 disciplines. Triathlon training is our bread and butter. Let me help you get to the starting line of that first tri with the training and confidence you need!


I firmly believe that endurance sports are 80% mental, and 20% physical. The trick to success is developing the right mindset to push through and succeed on race day. Having completed your customized training plan you will be standing on the start line knowing you are ready to crush the day!


Are you ready to tackle the distance? Rather its 70.3 Half IRONMAN, or the full distance 140.6 IRONMAN I am here to help! There is A LOT that goes into training for long distance triathlon. Let an IRONMAN Certified Coach help you crush your goals!

“Building the body, the skill, and the mindset to get you to your next finish line.