"I started working with Vogel Endurance in December of 2022 after completing four half-iron and one full distance IRONMAN over a three year span as a self-coached athlete. I had some moderate successes, qualifying for and racing the 2021 70.3 World Championships in St. George, UT. I knew I was stagnating though, and wanted to continue learning more about the sport, the science of training, and becoming an overall more balanced athlete.

Craig is an unbelievable coach. He is athlete focused, and genuinely wants to see each of his athletes achieve great things. Craig's attention to details, willingness to create custom, individually focused training plans, and his ability to adapt to the unknown make him an outstanding choice for anyone looking for individualized training/coaching for swim, bike, or run!"

-Casey Kahsen

"I began a conversation with Craig about wanting to get into shape and having always wanted to run a half marathon. After some texts back and forth he told me to just take the plunge and sign up for the race, so I did. I signed up for the Glass City Half and gave myself some time to train for it. Craig did an amazing job at keeping me motivated. He did not back down from the challenge and set me up right away with a training schedule. I never thought I would be able to run 15 miles in a week, but Craig had me doing that starting in week one! I really want to thank Craig, and I am so happy to have him as my coach. "

-Stan Strausbaugh

" Best decision ever working with Coach Craig! He has a wealth of knowledge that has been useful for a non athlete trying to train for a marathon and just getting started in triathlons. Prior to working with Coach Craig, I could barely run a mile. In 9 months of working with Craig I have been able to complete multiple Olympic distance triathlons, and I am ready to compete in my first IRONMAN 70.3 at Muncie in just a few short weeks! "

-Todd Byrket

" Honestly, I have learned so much from my time with Vogel Endurance thus far! I knew the goals that I had in mind for myself but lacked the knowledge and structure of how to get there. Coach Craig has been an awesome guide, and friend along the way. He is always there to share the knowledge and provide the structure while answering literally hundreds of questions along the way. I was able to PR my half marathon time this year and have some big milestones coming up later this season which Coach Craig has me feeling more than confident that I will succeed and crush my goals. The best decision of the entire season was signing up and joining Vogel Endurance!"

-Dakota Embry